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Because it is our belief!
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Because it is our belief!

Take care of the environment! It’s common sense, think of today and tomorrow.

The Company Approach - for 20 years

E. Marker A/S specializes in organic, mineral and biological products which we sell to Sports Turf Managers & Horticultural end users. We provide products, innovative solutions that can assist end users with nutritional inputs and the intelligent use of biostimulants to be able to avoid excessive use of plant protection products.

TourTurf®, Thatch-Less®, Respond®, GroGreen® and Feed & Shine® are trademarks belonging to E. Marker A/S - a Danish company that specialises in environmentally friendly care of golf courses, football pitches, and garden care. We have acquired a very solid practical experience and knowledge of turf care and organic gardening. This experience has been acquired through many years of work in the field.

The environment is very important to us. Our focus is sustainability, it’s about reduced pesticide use, and using organic products to prevent problems. That is the starting point for our work and care strategies.

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As a customer, you can expect a high level of service and commitment from us.  

Best regards

Carsten Marker, CEO
+45 4059 7467

E. Marker A/S